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PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC

Client Testimonies

The ISO 9001:2008 Internal Audit class was fun and informative. Excellent teacher. Detailed demonstrations.

-Ms. Pamela Pritchett
Quality Documentation Specialist
KDH Defense Systems

Excellent Root Cause Analysis in an ISO World class, presentation and combination of theory and skills practice.

-Mr. Tim Lee
Quality Engineer
Duff Norton Co.

It was clear that the instructor was knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter. He encouraged class participation to ensure everyone understood the ISO 9001 information.

- Mr. Reginal Goodine
Quality Auditor
Boston Gear

"I personally was starting to feel I was entering a "burnt-out-mode" in Quality until this ISO 9001 Internal Audit class. In taking this class I have a new "spark" for Quality. Thank you."

-Mr. Mike Yarber
Quality Assurance Specialist
Columbus McKinnon (CM Works)

The Internal Audit class was well conducted. Loved the examples taken from personal experience. John provided a wealth of tools & tactics to enable us to implement a successful program at our site. I left the course with a sense of empowerment and very eager to make a change for the betterment of our company.

-Lesley Winchester
Planner & Logistics Specialist
Exopack Advanced Coatings

"I enjoyed the illustrative stories in the ISO 14001 Internal Audit class. It provided good examples of practical application of the different environmental auditing aspects."

- Kenneth Fitch
Service Manager
Chiron America

"PQI Consulting provided an excellent PFMEA course to our team
in a concise but thorough one day workshop. Our team gained
useful new tools in our efforts at continuous improvement."

-Mr. Travis Beert
Engineering Manager –
Eaton Corporation

John turned every question, good or bad, wrong or right, into a positive situation. Great attention to how to make everyone feel their question is important.

-Teresa McClure
AP Specialist Altra Industrial Motion

All aspects of the ISO 9001 implementation process were well organized, clear and understandable. John was a tremendous asset to us from the start through the successful completion of the Stage 2 (Registration) audit.

-Mr. Richard Gilbert Vice President and General Counsel
Global Recycling, Inc.

I came into the training with no knowledge on ISO 9001 and came out comfortable about what I have learned in the training class. Thanks.

-Donavin Durant
Technician, Stanley Black & Decker

John was very knowledgeable, had good examples and made the class enjoyable.

-Mr. Daniel Lago Machinist
Boston Gear

I really enjoyed the class. When I was first asked to attend I was really dreading it. You are a great teacher and I came away with a lot of knowledge in ISO Internal Auditing. Thanks Again !

-Ms. Jackie Stewart
Stanley Black & Decker

The ISO 9001 Internal Auditor class instructor was very informative in giving examples and experience in what he has done. Very nice person. Very detailed.

-Ms. Peggy Bennett,
Pass & Seymour Legrand

"The ISO 9001 Internal Audit class was well instructed and was a lot of fun. I learned a lot of useful information. Thank you for the stories – they gave me true, real life instances."

- Ms. Kristy Clark, Tyco

"Instructor was very precise on all aspects of the Project Management class and very knowledgeable. He answered any questions we had for him, including clear examples. "

- Ms. Renee Lively
Accument Avdel

"John was very informative and facilitated with great enthusiasm. He’s good at what he does, it’s obvious in his demeanor and good humor. A very affable and coordinated gentleman. Thank you."

- Mr. Alan Logan, Assembler
  Hickory Springs Manufacturing Co

"John gave us the structure we needed. He is very knowledgeable and organized. He was always enthusiastic and receptive to all employees. Thanks for helping us achieve ISO9001:2008 QMS."

- Mr. Pete Whitley,
  Q.A. Manager
  Equipment & Supply, Inc.

"Great group exercises that allowed members to utilize the tools and methodologies that were presented. This gave a better understanding of how the tools worked."

- Mr. Dan Garris,
Supply Chain Specialist
Cataler NA

"Great instruction, good case studies, very tough questions that make us do a lot of thinking and ask plenty of questions."

- Josh Lanier,
Southeast Broach Co.

"During the ISO/TS 16949 Internal Audit class John was extremely informative and enthusiastic as always. A pleasure to work with."

- Nicole Shook
Documentation Coordinator
Getrag USA

"The ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor training was well worth the wait. John made the importance of quality come alive for me. I am enthusiastic about taking this back to the system!"

- Katherine Bowen
Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System

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PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC

ISO 9001:2015 is here. Response has been overwhelming as companies are getting their Internal Auditors ready. The goal is to start transitioning to the revision now so it can be done in an organized manner. Contact us now for company on-site and open training sessions.
I thought the ISO 9001:2015 course was very beneficial. Mr. Lynch was very knowledgeable on the subject and was very engaging in his course discussions. I highly recommend this course

Mr. Steve Braswell
Quality Inspector
P.T. International

PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC PQI Consulting - Charlotte, NC
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